And The Winner Is!

And The Winner Is!

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Week a go I placed a vote at Twitter if I should keep writing my blog in English or should I switch to Finnish?

The results are now close to ready, and based on the poll (69% of votes for Finnish) I will change the language.


Of course the poll was somewhat biased as most of my Twitter followers are Finn’s, but that being said, Twitter is also the source where most of the people come from.

So starting after this post the primary language of EBL will be Finnish. I keep it also possible, that if I am able to monetize my content I will future buy translations from services like Gengo or One Hour Translation. Both have proven to offer excellent quality at least in ENG-FIN -language pair.

I want to thank all of my international readers and wish you all the best in your pursuits of becoming an Ever Better Leader!


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