How to generate trust in organization: 6/8 – Be consistent and fair

This is the 6th posting from a series of 8 short articles “How to generate trust in an organization”. The topics spring to life from my own experiences as well as from various books and articles I’ve read in the past. The most influential writers have no doubt been John C. Maxwell and Simon Sinek. Both emphasize the importance of high moral driven “people first” leadership.

How to generate trust in organization: 6 – Be consistent and fair

Sure signs of a lousy leader are being irrational or favoring people. If people are scared of the leader’s mood swings or know that no matter they do, they cannot get their approval – moral is very likely to be bad. Even the favored people are usually aware of the shittyness of a bad leader, but tolerate it as they are getting an advantage from it.

Irrational people make lousy leaders.
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It should be noted that being fair doesn’t mean that an organization should be “a communistic system” where everybody gets the same despite of their role or efforts. High performance should be rewarded, but everyone should have the same possibilities to be rewarded.

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One thought on “How to generate trust in organization: 6/8 – Be consistent and fair”

  1. Consistently doing what you say you’ll do builds trust over time – it can’t be something you do only occasionally.

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